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Mari " Bersama UNTAN Membangun Negeri " Indonesia  - Jika bicara mengenai pendidikan, tentunya pendidikan sangat penting da...

Bloggers That Media Selfless

Loading... - In the past few months everyone who asked me about the job I definitely will reply with the words that I am a blogger. Although a lot of them are still stunned by the words and still feel free to ask me that again will answer but I would still loyal to this status. Perhaps not everyone knows about what bloggers and what was done by a blogger so I lightly call myself a blogger and that too in the job status word every day, surely they would think something about the social status.
I did not fully become a blogger like what they have done has dared to leave their regular jobs were glued in a company for the sake of the next life. But someday maybe I'll follow my predecessors was to change the status of the job in Identity card I became a blogger. Indeed scih it is not an easy job for me to get, but with a strong self confidence someday I will certainly be able to mention myself a blogger in my life.

Everyday I'm still far from expectations that I aspire to, it is quite able to be grateful for what I have received and I get but I was not able to give up the dream that I've been buried can not I try to live it. I spelled my work can rely on to be able to live this life, but much of it I do not want to dwell only for survival course I work but I want to give a special experience to be I share little by little what can I give to others.

If I may argue that there are not just a blogger but those bloggers who always provide useful information to other people's lives. Nor is it just a scribble event but also a blogger is an artist who will always be there with their best work. Although there are mostly just for personal life but all is a symbol that the blogger was an artist who never lost to time.

Maybe it's a lot of them are already living together with their blog or website, why they like it because they always give their best in every scratches. Information updates and always provide fresh air at all those who want it. The blogger community media born from the heart of an artist selfless giving what they can in their blogs and websites without having to see where they will get the award.

In their hearts and minds Just no words to give, can not provide the material, with the science though a word may be much more meaningful because it was born from the heart of the upright. Bloggers various kinds that exist today, they are great artists that provide benefits without complaining, if they create a blog and a website just for the sake of fame that he has not called bloggers artists only limited time for them to be there if they fail in the sense of a blog or website they do not provide the advantages it will go away and might never return.

Hopefully, Indonesian bloggers will continue to work through creative information that will provide useful knowledge for both the current period and subsequent bloggers will remain alive, may always be with you all the success Indonesian blogger, thank you.

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