13 Feb 2015

I Love Dangdut, I Was Wrong ?

At the time of karaoke with my friend at the time, I was quite sad because I love the song dangdut alone while my friends all over the west and more like a pop song than dangdut. I became self-conscious and very embarrassed by the situation. Every now and then I think, that wrong, I love the music dangdut so they laugh at me when I sang this song. I do not know when it's obvious I was pretty uncomfortable and ashamed of their words.

Returning home I loved the feeling that makes my mind fly where-where to find the right answer to say to them later that dangdut is the music that I like and it is typical of Indonesian music and I'm proud of this dangdut music. I love Indonesia and I also love dangdut so thought it was enough to beat their words the other day if they say something like that to me.
I was with them that we know young people my age are certainly not many like dangdut, especially smelling area is certainly very little fandom but if speaking outside the same music will surely lose competitiveness compared dangdut and we own this land area. Since it often I say to my friends and the people around me that you love dangdut then since that day I have more flexibility to sing dangdut.

Almost every song that I listen to both mobile and home definitely dangdut and regional wing of course. No matter how they liked it, but I do not love the country I own more than the state of others that become a key motivation and why I prefer dangdut than other music. Hopefully I love again dangdut can give an idea to the Indonesian youth to love the work of his own country in order to better and more advanced because we know it is still less concerned for us against our own people.

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  1. I love dangdut too, tapi gak tiap hari mendengarkan dangdut. Semacam lagunya Rhoma Irama, termasuk lagu dangdut yg evergreen tuh